Could my child be a model?

The truth about child modelling - it can be great fun for everyone...

All parents think that their kids are gorgeous – that’s natural. But what if everyone else seems to think so too? Does that mean they are a potential child model? And if so, what should you do? You are in the right place. Here at Model Central we will help to answer questions you need to know about child modelling.

Child models are always in demand

If you’re a parent, you’ve probably already seen the huge number of clothes, toys, accessories and lifestyle products that are promoted with images of happy, engaging children. Could your child do it too?

Child models are always in demand. Every day, big brands and advertising companies turn to child modelling agencies to find child models of all looks and ages to feature in TV commercials, billboards, catalogues and other promotional materials.

Does your child enjoy modelling?

Your child will need to be confident, enthusiastic and make plenty of eye contact. The best models are happy and natural , don’t mind being photographed and love dressing up. ‘They need to enjoy being the centre of attention!’

Tips to make it to the top

“Do your research. Make sure you are signing up to a reputable child model agency.

“Be prepared to be flexible. Castings and shoots can often come up with only 24 hours notice.

Be wary of fees – some (reputable) agencies charge joining fees.

Be 100 percent committed – to fetching and carrying your children to and from castings.

Keeping it real – tell your children what modelling is all about, so they’re not surprised at the attention and the camera flashing. It boosts confidence – a great life skill. It helps in cash-strapped times – an extra source of income.

You’ll get professional pictures – a bonus is the lovely picture of your child you’ll receive. It’s not all chiseled jaws and perfect smiles – it’s often about personality.

Trial Photoshoot

A trial photo shoot is the easiest way to find out if you have a ‘little’ model at home . It can save you a lot of potentially wasted time and energy. It could be a great experience for your child! Depending on your success that day, you will have the opportunity to build up a recent collection of professional photos too. Most agencies like to see child’s model book in advance as it allows them to determine how photogenic they are without them organising a special test shoot themselves.

What can Model Central do for you?

Model Central are leading model support service in the UK with over 8 years’ experience. We’ll be on hand to provide all the advice and support you need to make sure both you and your child have a safe, stress-free and fun time if you are selected for modelling assignments. And who knows, you might hit the jackpot and get an ad campaign that will potentially pay your child’s university fees !!!