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Ready to start looking for ?

If you have what it takes to be a fashion model, beginning your search for modelling jobs can be confusing. Thankfully, you have come to the right place!

If you have what it takes to be a fashion model, beginning your search for modelling jobs can be confusing. Thankfully, you have come to the right place!

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    Welcome to our guide modelling jobs guide

    On this page, you can read about the realities of modelling jobs and information to help you secure that all-important casting.

    As any model will tell you: modelling is hard work. Modelling is much more than turning up for a shoot, having your hair and make-up done and then leaving after an hour of photo shooting.

    From the moment a model joins an agency, through to attending initial castings all the way through to finishing on set, a model always needs to be energetic, committed and enthusiastic.

    As a model, you need to be prepared to travel and work hours that go beyond the standard 9-to-5; often starting when the sun comes up all the way through into the night.

    If you love a fast-paced lifestyle, full of surprising twists and turns, then maybe modelling is a perfect career for you.

    Busting myths about modelling:

    Myth #1: Modelling is a quick earner

    As much as we wish that this is true; sadly it is nothing more than a myth, At the beginning of a modelling career, jobs can be very poorly paid. In fact, many models find that at the beginning of their careers that they are asked to work for free in order to build up their portfolio. With paid work, it is almost certain that the modelling agent will take a portion of the fee.

    Myth #2: Modelling is always glamorous

    Until a model reaches the very top of the ladder, modelling work is tough. Models are expected to turn up to photo shoots without make-up, and needless to say a model’s hair will see a fair amount of damage over the years. With most sets, waiting around can last all day and a model is expected to take direction all day long.

    Myth #3: Looking great is all that matters

    This is a very toxic myth about the modelling industry, Agencies and casting agents are no longer on the lookout for models with nothing more than “just a pretty face”.  Having a vibrant personality and the ability to remain professional and friendly on a set is just as important as good looks for a successful modelling career.

    Myth #4: Modelling is only for the younger generations

    This totally depends on the type of job and what the industry is looking for. In a lot of cases, older men and women are employed as real-life models.

    As a model, where will I be working?

    As a model, you will be working all over the place – there isn’t a set location. However, it does depend on what kind of modelling you specialise in.

    Most models are expected to travel a significant amount of time as part of their career. This may just be hopping on and off the tube all day, hiking up road miles up and down the country or even catching a plane; so prepare yourself for a lot of time spent away from home!

    If you are a commercial, real-life, high fashion or fitness model, you are likely to be working all over the country. One day you could be based in a studio, club or stadium, the next you may well be outside on location; this could be in an urban setting, in a rural getaway or even on a beach. Location all depends on your client’s brief.

    If you are an in-house model, working with a particular brand, you will tend to work in the same location, or at most, travel to a location with the brand you are working for. This could be in showrooms, workshops, press venues or at fashion shows.

    While London is the hub of fashion modelling in the UK, you may still find yourself working in other parts of the country. With this, the majority of modelling work will be around the bigger cities, so if you are based in a smaller town then you will need to travel.

    How can I find permanent modelling work?

    If you are looking for a permanent modelling job, then the best route is to be an in-house model. Another route is that by impressing your clients, the chances of them offering you permanent work will be much higher.

    To help you succeed in finding a permanent modelling role, make sure that your portfolio is top-class and always kept up-to-date.

    Sign to a modelling agency

    This route really depends on the job, the model’s own experience, and what percentage of a model’s fees the agency takes. To start with, many models are asked to work for free to build up their portfolio. Sometimes models are paid straight away, but for models new in the industry, the pay is often modest, to begin with. Many models take on secondary jobs in order to pay the bills, but perseverance is key and in most cases pay increases with time. Keep a look out for long contracts; many models prefer these as they pay well and guarantee work for a set time period.

    Become a self-employed model

    Another route is to become a self-employed model. This means that you represent yourself without an agency. To give yourself a good chance of success as a self-employed model, put you a marketing plan in place for yourself. This means joining casting directories, advertising yourself and getting an eFolio, portfolio and a set of business cards made.

    To start with, this can be quite a time-consuming route into the industry. It takes time to get your resources together and to build contacts, but in time you will find that it pays off when the regular work comes in and you can work around your own lifestyle.

    How much do models earn?

    This all depends on the job, the model’s experience and what percentage of the model’s fee the agency takes. As we said earlier, new models in the industry earn modest pay compared to longer standing models.

    How we can help

    Although Model Central do not literally find you castings and modelling jobs, our experienced team can provide you with the tools and resources to help you approach agencies and future employers.

    With a selection of high-quality photographs, experience in front of a camera and a new found confidence, you are in a very strong position to secure a modelling job and begin your dream career as a fashion model.