Kickstart your modelling career with an

Kickstart your modelling career with an

The Internet has revolutionised the way that models can market themselves. One of these ways is with an eFolio, this will produce lucrative opportunities without being represented by an agency.

The internet has revolutionised the way that models can market themselves, and with an eFolio you could earn amazing jobs without being represented by an agency.

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    What is an eFolio?

    eFolios are one of the latest developments in the modelling world. An eFolio is basically your own online portfolio. The rise of the internet has created a new way for models to market themselves online, without the need to be represented by an agency.

    With an eFolio, if you are proactive enough, you could earn some excellent modelling jobs without being signed up to an agency.

    Why do I need an eFolio?

    An online presence is a great way to begin your modelling career and can help you market yourself nationally and globally.

    An eFolio can be a very successful resource to gain freelance modelling work, and help you with networking and applying for jobs through casting agencies. Your eFolio will also showcase your modelling talents.

    Self-marketing and self-promotion are now two of the most productive ways to find modelling work and can help you be in control of your career, instead of being tied to an agency and waiting for work to come to you.

    Keep your eFolio up-to-date

    It is important that you keep your eFolio up-to-date with all your latest work. After each photo shoot, add a few new shots online to further enhance your eFolio. With this, make sure that you don’t upload every photo, make sure that you are very selective and only upload your best photos. These photos should be the ones that highlight your talent and reflect well on the shoot.

    If you keep up with this, your eFolio will begin to capture your talent and experience. However, always make sure to reflect on the first images you uploaded to make sure they are still relevant and of a high-quality.

    Keep your eFolio relevant

    Your eFolio needs to always be relevant to your specific niche. In the fashion industry, diversity is important, but a targeted and considered website looks professional and dedicated. Organise your eFolio for your specific niche to really show off your abilities.

    Keep it professional

    Overall, your eFolio needs to look professional and slick. Make sure your images are high-quality – so sharp, clear and in focus. Amateur-looking and blurry images should not be included in your eFolio – along with selfies.

    Remember, in most cases, your eFolio will be your first interaction with a modelling agency or employer. This means that a high standard is required to make a good first impression and to get a conversation rolling.

    Think about the presentation of your eFolio

    The presentation of your eFolio is very important. Make sure that the format is clear, concise and arranged perfectly. Make sure that your contact details and statistics are easy to find and are presented in a clear font and colour. Arrange images in a logical format that are easy to browse and follow.

    If the format of your eFolio is messy and unclear, an agency will most likely ignore it altogether, as this may give off the message that you aren’t seriously committed to your future modelling career and success.

    Always stay safe online

    Remember, if you are contacted online through your eFolio, don’t immediately jump at the opportunity. Research the company or agent and ask as many questions as possible to make sure they are authentic.

    While it is easy to rush ahead with excitement, you need to remember to always stay calm and scrutinise the opportunity in detail to make sure it is legit. Many scam artists hide behind the computer screen, so for your safety, you need to investigate any opportunities before you act on them.

    How we can help

    The professional shots taken at our photo shoots can easily be uploaded to your eFolio. The images will provide you with the confidence and resources you need to start your online platform.

    The high-quality photographs taken at Model Central shoots are perfect for showing your skills, talent and confidence in front of a camera – which an agency needs to witness from an eFolio!

    With your hair and make-up styled the team will ensure that you look the part to create beautiful images for your eFolio.