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    A professional portfolio is your first step into a career as a model

    To gain professional work as a model, a portfolio of stunning professional images is essential.

    Your modelling portfolio is a collection of photos shot by a professional team in a studio. Essentially it is your visual modelling CV, showing off your talent and skills in front of the camera.

    While professional images are not needed to apply to model agencies, a portfolio is something they will need to market you when putting your forward to modelling work. You can also use your portfolio to apply for freelance opportunities yourself.

    Without a professional portfolio, it is almost impossible to be put forward or apply for castings, as agents and casting directors will want to see evidence that you have the confidence, experience and natural ability to model in front of a camera before they offer you paid work.

    Creating a professional modelling portfolio

    As we said before, a model portfolio is your visual CV for modelling work. It is a collection of professionally shot images, taken in a studio with a photographer, stylist and make-up team.

    Your portfolio needs to radiate your individuality. Agencies don’t just want to see pretty images; they want attitude, personality, individuality, and your versatility as a model.

    To give your modelling career the best start, get a professional model portfolio that is tailored to your needs.

    Tailor your portfolio to your specific niche

    If we can see modelling potential in your application, then we can support you and help create your very own professional portfolio.

    Once you have made your application, we will contact you within 24 hours of registration. Bear in mind, at busy times of the year, this may take a bit longer.  Your application will then be passed onto one of our talent Model Consultants who will contact you in due course to discuss the next steps.

    Digital portfolios

    A digital portfolio is a disk containing your chosen images from your professional shoot. When you purchase your digital images, you are actually paying for the copyrights. Without these, you cannot legally use your images.

    When purchasing your portfolio, be it digital, printed or an e-Folio, you will need to pay for the rights to use the images first. This means all of our portfolio packages come with digital images.

    Having a digital portfolio also means that that you don’t need to worry about them getting damaged or lost, as you can download them straight to your computer or devices.

    You can also use your digital portfolio images again and again as you can email them to agencies and clients to promote yourself; unlike print portfolios where you only receive one copy.

    In addition, a digital portfolio allows you to edit your images, such as additional retouching, resizing and cropping.

    Printed portfolios

    A printed portfolio is a collection of 10 to 20 fully airbrushed images. A printed portfolio is what you will take to castings and to model agency interviews to show off your modelling experience and your capabilities in front of a camera.

    Just like your digital portfolio, your printed portfolio needs to radiate your individuality. This is why on the day of your photoshoot one of our professional image consultants will help you to select the strongest shots and compile a selection of your strongest looks.

    Having a printed portfolio allows an agent or casting director to flick through your images while you discuss the job or campaign that you are hoping to model for. It provides the impression that you have professional modelling experience and that you are serious about your career as a model.

    How we can help

    At Model Central, we can help you to complete your printed portfolio and get you started in modelling.

    You can register with a clear image to find out if you have model potential and to gain free and guidance on how to progress your modelling career.

    We have talent consultants in our Central London studio who can assess your potential in front of a professional fashion photographer. If this stage goes well and we can see your model potential, we then may be able to give you the opportunity to shoot for your very own professional modelling portfolio.

    To find out how we can help you create your own professional portfolio, register today to speak to one of our talent Model Consultants.