Could your child be the next big name in child modelling ?

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    We see child models everywhere - billboards, TV ads, catalogues and in-store at our favourite fashion stores.

    If you think your little angel could be the next big name in child modelling, then you have come to the right place.

    Before we take a deeper look into the ins and outs of child modelling, you need to ask yourself, “does my child enjoy modelling?”

    You see, kids modelling is more than just cute pictures. Agencies need to know that your little one will be able to provide excellent photos on a modelling shoot. This is vital because not only will a child’s lack of interest show up in their pictures, but it is also unfair to push your child into the world of child modelling if they don’t like having their photo taken.

    If your child loves to have their photo taken and to be the centre of attention – Great! Now let’s take a deeper look into the world of child modelling.

    The sky’s the limit for child modelling opportunities

    The good news is that the demand for child models is always on the increase, and this means plenty of great opportunities if your little one has what it takes to become a successful child model. There are plenty of opportunities for your child to embark on a successful child modelling career. As we can see, more and more high street brands are bringing their children’s lines to their stores, and children are featured in TV commercials and promotional and packaging material. This means that little sweethearts bursting with charisma and positive energy are becoming a popular choice for agencies. Here in London, there are loads of jobs for a sociable and outgoing child – which is great news for successful kids modelling careers!

    Is your little one suitable for a children's modelling career?

    All parents think that their little ones are gorgeous – that’s natural. But what if everyone else seems to think so too? If your little boy or girl has a stunning smile, bright eyes and a charming sense of personality, the chances are a child-modelling agency will be happy to sign them up.

    The opportunities for child models are almost endless. From TV ads, ad campaigns, promotional material, posters, modelling clothing lines, toys and games, or even be a poster child for a big organisation – the list goes on!

    Child modelling is less restricted than other types of modelling

    The good news is, unlike many other types of modelling, child modelling doesn’t have restrictive rules when it comes to height, weight and looks.

    A successful child model should show signs of enjoying the experience and be relaxed and comfortable around adults and be able to follow a few simple directions. If your child can’t sit still, follow basic instructions or shows signs of being shy or unhappy, then a modelling agency will find it difficult to work with them. Child modelling needs children to be cooperative for a long period of time. Kids will need to be able to act natural when playing with toys or other children to get natural-looking shots.

    Does your child want to be a kids model?

    It goes without saying that this is a crucial part of being a successful child model. If your child doesn’t like having their photo taken, not only is it unfair to push them into modelling, but their unhappiness will show up in their pictures.

    You also need to know if your little boy or girl has the patience to become a child model. While the child modelling industry recognises that children models are still only children, a good level of patience and the ability to follow instructions on a modelling job is still needed. A child-modelling agency will also always be on the lookout for children with confidence and personality – so you always need to bear that in mind!

    Start with a trial photoshoot

    It is always wise to start with a trial run. A trial professional photo shoot will help you to gauge your child’s suitability and will save you a lot of potentially wasted time further down the line.

    A trial photo shoot will show you how well your child reacts to a photographer and a team of studio assistants, while also building up a portfolio of professional photographs too.

    A portfolio of professional photographs is very useful as it lets child model agencies gauge how photogenic your child is without having to hold a full test shoot themselves. Always remember though, your child must look age appropriate in their portfolio shots, especially on social media. A good portfolio is crucial for securing many new modelling jobs.

    Our top tips for successful child models

    • Do your research. Make sure you are signing up to a reputable child model agency.
    • Be prepared to be flexible. Castings and shoots can often come up with only 24 hour’s notice.
    • Be wary of fees – some (reputable) agencies charge joining fees.
    • Be 100% committed – to fetching and carrying your children to and from castings.
    • Keeping it real – tell your children what modelling is all about, so they’re not surprised at the attention and the camera flashing. It boosts confidence – a great life skill. It helps in cash-strapped times – an extra source of income.
    • You’ll get professional pictures – a bonus is the lovely picture of your child you’ll receive. It’s not all chiselled jaws and perfect smiles – it’s often about personality.

    How we can help your child become the next big name in child modelling

    Model Central are the leading model support service in the UK, as part of our service, we can work with your child to find out if they show model potential and even more importantly if modelling is something that they enjoy.

    We can do this by offering those children that we believe show model potential the opportunity to experience a professional photo shoot. We will invite you and your child to our London or Manchester studio to capture high-quality shots. We accept applications from all over the UK including England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. This is the perfect way to establish if your child can work with a creative team and take direction in front of the camera. There is no point going to a talent agency or applying for castings unless you know that modelling is something that both you and your child are serious about taking further.

    If everything goes well on the photo shoot, then you may be offered the opportunity to purchase a professional portfolio made up of the images taken on the day. This is a valuable resource for your child’s modelling future as it is what you or an agency would use to showcase your son/daughter’s talent.

    Our professional photographers and makeup artists are fully trained to work with new faces like your child’s and understand exactly what a professional child portfolio should consist of, so you can be confident that you will be in the best possible hands on the day.

    How do I get my child into modelling?

    Child modelling is on the increase, which is great news.